Implementation of the textile waste sector education methodology in the educational process of schools to support the fight against climate change

Target of the project

The implementation of the main objectives of the project is to build and improve knowledge through media outputs, i.e. a short film of one lesson, by creating an online environment EDUwaste online to improve their attitude towards green education by viewing clothes and textiles in waste management as a concrete impact on the environment. Green education to support the fight against climate change on a global scale.



    Slovak Republic, OID E10290396, coordinator

  • Municipality Lukáčovce

    Slovak Republic, OID E10314286, partner organisation

  • Non-profit organization RECYKLOHRY

    Slovak Republic, OID E10328745, partner organisation

  • Eurotex Ltd

    Republic of Bulgaria, OID E10331220, partner organisation

  • POTEX s.r.o.

    Czech Republic, OID E10290401, partner organisation